"Don't try to change the world, find something that you love
And do it every day
Do that for the rest of your life
And eventually, the world will change"

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Growing up (Sloane's slong)

Hi. My name is Tamas Trunk. I am a sneakerhead and generally passionated about the sneaker culture. I love to explore the stories behind the new-generation brands. All these helped me to come in contact with several international and local brands and so to expose my opinion to them and to the World. As a pro-skiracer I study in Austria. Because of the reason, that I speak several languages, and have contact to young people from all over the world, I believe, that it is possible to create value together at a high level. I am thankful to my parents, who believe in me and support me in the things I love.

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Tamás Trunk

Tel.: +36309645970

Email: tomitrunk@dablty.hu